Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Where I'm Going

 Where I’m Going

This year is a big year for my family.  My daughter is a senior in high school and will be going away to college in the fall.  My son will be starting his senior year in college.  

My life is changing and shifting.  I am not ready for it, and I wish I could go back in time.  However, I keep reminding myself of something a dear friend said to me when my son went off to college.  “This is the next logical step, Heather.”  Yes, logical, but also so emotional.

Thank you, TeachWrite for the challenge to write about this next chapter.

So, this is where I am going.

I know where

I’m going. 

There is no question.

I am flying to

an empty nest.

No choices here,

just the natural progression

of this bird’s life.

However, there are

a few spots 

I’d like to stop by

before I land

in that barren nest.

I’m going to

visit the potential places 

my daughter may land - 

a flight to South Carolina

and a few other states 

both south and west

to look at some new nests 

for my daughter.


another quick flight 

to Florida 

to see Mom and dad 

in their new 

tropical nest.

I plan some

shorter wanderings

on wooded trails

and sandy beaches

closer to home

to soak up 

whatever time

I have left

with my girl

and to reunite with friends, 

to chirp and sing

about life and our kids.

Eventually, I will land

in that empty nest

to ponder future flights

and who I want to be.

Adventures are waiting.

Independently, I will fly

to Kentucky for the

NCTE Convention.

I will find some classes

on writing and knitting

so I can stay active

in my nest,

bringing back twigs, leaves, and dried grass

to add to and decorate

the nest 

so it does not feel

so empty

for long.

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