Friday, March 12, 2021

Change #SOL21

 I reflected on the changes that are coming and looming, which make me emotional.

Change is coming.

I can see it 

when I look out the window.

The white blanket is receding,

making way for the grass

to take over 

with its green carpet.

Change is looming.

It constantly reminds me

with snail mail and emails

that my daughter is leaving.

It beckons her 

to make a new home

far away from me

in South Carolina or Tennessee.

Change is emotional.

I can feel it in my heart.

Students are coming back

after a year of remote or hybrid learning.

It is exciting, scary, foreign -

as it has been so long

since we have seen all of them

every day in the classroom.

Change is coming

way too quickly.

Change is looming, 

pulling at my heartstrings.

Change is uneasy, 

but it is essential for progress.  

I am excited to be participating in the Two Writing Teachers March Slice of Life Challenge.


  1. Spring is such a season of change in our field of work. You captured the mixed feelings well...I suspect we will be reading more about your daughter's college journey and how yours will be different, too.

  2. I love how each line gives change a different characteristic - and they are all so true. Change is never easy but so necessary.

  3. Your photo is so appropriate, almost mournful! "Change is looming,

    pulling at my heartstrings." I know life is one transition after another, but when your child goes AWAY for college, that is particularly painful, I think. (My middle guy did this.) Best of luck with kids coming back into school! So many transitions.

  4. Change is hard and I like how you express this in your poem. Good Luck with all the changes - although hard it can also bring good things.

  5. Change is incredibly bittersweet. I love how you have formatted this poem. When I left for college, it was so hard to leave my mom. BUT I called her allll the time. For everything. Sending you strength and light, Heather!

  6. All true. Change is necessary but almost never easy. Even when we are excited about the outcomes, the accomplishments, the unknowns--it is always hard.

  7. This captures the fears of so many. I wonder if change is so hard because we fear the unknown of what is on the other side of it. My daughter left many times, but is made us closer than ever, it was hard to know that in the moment.


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