Wednesday, March 17, 2021

I Want to Join Leigh Anne's Party! #SOL21

This is my first year participating in the March Slice of Life Challenge, and I am inspired every day by all of the wonderful writers.  I am so excited to be invited to my first slicer party.  Thank you, Leigh Anne, for the invite and prompt.  I enjoyed creating my ID to get into your party.  

Here is the mentor text:

“Depending On When You Met Me” by Devon Gundry, Soul Pancake

Depending on when you met me, I might have been: a checker’s champion, the kid who squirted Super Glue in his eye, a competitive Ping-Pong player, Tweedle Dum, a high school valedictorian, a fake blond, 1/12 of an all-male a capella group, a graduate of the Vanderbilt School of Engineering, a nomad, a street musician, or a pigeon assassin.

My ID for entrance:

Depending on when you met me, I might have been:  a read-a-thon winner, the voice for a quiet and shy younger brother, a media center helper, a rollerskater, a volleyball player, the devoted granddaughter sitting by a bed listening to stories, a waitress at Friendly's, the one who tended to lock her keys in the car and snuck home to get the spare key late at night, a women's rights protester, a Wheaton College English and psychology student, a paralegal ready to go to law school, a recently married claims supervisor, a post-baccalaureate education student, a 6th-grade ELA teacher, a soccer and dance mom, a director of the school theater program, a master's student, the creator of a literacy program, a co-teacher, a crime show junkie, a wanna-be profiler, book worm, writer, and soon-to-be empty nester. 

Thank you for this wonderful writing opportunity.  I have fun thinking about all the versions of me!

I am loving the Two Writing Teachers March Slice of Life Challenge!



  1. I love your ID, Heather! I really like "voice for a quiet and shy younger brother" and makes me want to ask a million questions - I want to know if there is lots of story in that line :) Thank you for sharing these layers of you!

  2. So many stories you could mine from this! I am also a crime show lover, and a murder mystery reader. We really are going to have to meet up sometime when it's possible. :)

  3. So many things I didn't know about you Heather! This was so cool and, like Britt, I have a million questions. You also made me think of even MORE things I could have put in my own ID.

  4. A fun post to join the party! Nice to learn a little about you!

  5. This is very special! I learned so much about you in such a witty way! I loved this line especially, "the one who tended to lock her keys in the car and snuck home to get the spare key late at night,"

  6. We are made of the experiences of our past, aren't we? I feel like I know you a bit better through this self- description. Leigh Anne has great ideas!

  7. So happy you joined us! After reading others' IDs, I really want to do mine again! I'm loving read-a-thon winner! There are so many other stories that I want to know about!

  8. I love this - we learn so much about you in a such a condensed, packed little post!


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