Saturday, March 6, 2021

Morning Pages, I've Missed YOU! #SOL21

The last few mornings have been crazy, and I’ve been off my game.  I’ve missed my morning pages.  

I’ve been writing every morning with my friends at Teach Write during Wake Up and Write, but I have focused on slicing.  I felt that preparation would be the key to success during this challenge.

I decided to process the crazy mornings here in my morning pages today.  

Monday - I bounced from topic to topic not liking anything I was writing.  I wanted to start the March Slice of Life challenge strong.  The change in writing and thinking threw me off.  I almost left my computer home, which would have made remote Monday impossible.  I forgot to put on the minimal makeup I apply in the morning, so the bags under my eyes were more pronounced, which is not a good look on camera.

Tuesday - After writing about my fish hunting, I went to school ready for the day until I found out something was wrong with the Google Form I prepared for asynchronous work and had to drop everything to fix it.

Wednesday - We just started a new schedule because we need to stream students at home into class for more time on learning.  We now stream students in at the end of the first period.  I was ready.  Students joined my Zoom meeting, and the announcements were ready for viewing.  Then, nothing.  I was kicked out of Zoom, and my Wifi dropped.  My aid had to take over.

Thursday - I was writing and slicing when my phone started to buzz.  My friend texted that she booked an appointment for the vaccine.  My writing was derailed completely as I started to attempt to schedule my own, which did not happen until I got to school. The hallways were buzzing with vaccine talk.

Friday, I spent time with my morning pages.  I wrote and dumped my thoughts onto the page.  The result was a positive and productive day AND a Slice of Life.

I am excited to be participating in the Two Writing Teachers March Slice of Life Challenge.


  1. I love this format, Heather. I have become a bit "whatever" about my notebook trying to Slice and complete the minute memoir as well. I started drafting Slice AND memoir notes in my notebook....but almost just to say I notebooked for the day. I want to make it more meaningful though, when time allows... Happy writing!

  2. This overview of your week of "crazy mornings" really is eye-opening about teaching these days - it is so clear how challenging it is, how many moving parts there are. Keeping track of computer, remote and asynchronous learning, new schedules, so much! I hope you keep this post as a COVID artifact, a window into the experience.

  3. Love morning pages and thank you for letting us into yours! I always feel so much better about my day when I start with my writing. It sounds like your week was pretty heavy like mine! There are so many things that derail us. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Your recount has SO much in it! You could revisit this any time you're stuck this month, as there are slices living in each day's entry!
    Welcome to the SOLSC! Happy to see a new face!

  5. What a busy week. It sounds like you know the direction that your early morning writing will take going forward. Don't forget to give yourself grace and embrace messy sometimes.

  6. Congrats on working morning pages and the challenge and the crazy teaching schedules these days. There is a lot there to keep balanced. So glad you have joined us - keep going!

  7. I just started writing a morning page each day on January 1st. I wasn't sure if I could maintain it AND the SOLSC, but I've found they complement each other. Six days in, we'll see if we can both squeeze in all this writing for the next 25 days!

  8. I am always amazed at the amount of writing you get done during our check-in and celebration time during TTW! I am struggling right now just to get slices done. Each one of your days could be its own slice, so I think you could have a great back-up plan!

  9. I spent a bit of my writing time this week searching online for open vaccine appointments. I hope you got one! For some reason, vaccines in MO are only available in rural areas. I found one within a 1 hour 45 minute drive and I felt lucky but that was only after a ton of searching. Hopefully my road trip will give me slice inspiration!


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