Monday, March 22, 2021

Remote Monday - It Can Only Get Better from Here #SOL21

Our seventh-grade team is looking to teach Jason Reynolds' Look Both Ways: A Tale Told in Blocks; I love that book and its format.  I decided to relate my remote Monday in 7 periods.  I jotted a short thought about each class/period on sticky notes after the students left class.  I may have cried if I did not have something else to focus on, and when I was done, the only thing I could do was laugh.  

Before School:

It was remote Monday, but the Internet was down.  I sat in a holding pattern for 30 minutes, waiting to see if it would come back up.  "Should I stay or should I go now?" playing in my head.

Period 1 - 

A student would not put his camera on because he was too busy cooking breakfast.  I had to repeat directions several times because who knows what the others were doing.

Period 2 - 

A meeting about a delightful student revealed that she is extremely anxious and struggling with low self-esteem all around school.  I wish she could see the potential I see in her.

Period 3 - 

A few kids refused to turn cameras on for class.  While we may not be able to see their faces, we can certainly see what they are doing or not doing.  Thank you, GoGuardian and shared Google slides.

Period 4 - 

The only way we can get pictures of an entire class of students for the yearbook is during remote Mondays.  A screenshot of our class was taken with one black screen.  I had to wait about a minute while the students fixed their bed head hair and dropped their blankets.  

Period 5 - 

Tracking students through GoGuardian was so enlightening. Target shopping, Pokemon. and anime shows, oh my!

Period 6 - 

Asynchronous prep work is long and arduous.  That does not include preparing for the students who will be in front of me tomorrow.  Good thing I spend time on it over the weekend.

Period 7 - 

I was hoping that giving my eighth graders some time to work offline would be productive for them.  Well, it was, but certainly not for class.  BUST!

Faculty Meeting

Planning for a full return to school is harder than planning for a brand new year.  One would think that it would be easier than planning for three scenarios last September.  

It's just another "manic Monday!"  THREE more to go!  I can do hard things!

I am participating in the Two Writing Teachers March Slice of Life Challenge.


  1. I enjoyed your song title tie-ins, in your title and in your trepidation about whether or not the internet would come back up. The snapshots by period were a great vehicle for writing about your “Manic Monday”. Great slice!

  2. This is a great Slice. I love how you describe each period. I can imaging that your wanting to cry has to do with the emotional toll remote teaching has a teacher. I have been here more times than I care to admit. And, yes, you can do hard things.

  3. A great slice - it gave me a great window into you day. I am retired to did not know about GoGuardian. Interesting to find out what they are really doing. Good luck in working through the rest of the year.

  4. I can do hard things is the mantra of the day!I had fun reading the highlights of your day, class by class.


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