Sunday, March 28, 2021

Walking with the Rain #SOL21

 I went walking with the rain today.  We had a wonderful conversation.  I think it enjoyed our time, too, because it kept coming down harder and steadier.  I almost turned to go home, but I enjoyed the banter.  The rain listened and helped me decide a few things and let me process other thoughts.

  • I am going forward with book groups with my 7th-graders.  
  • I am going to have my 8th-graders interview each other about this last year and document each other's thoughts.
  • I am going to try a Genius Hour!
  • We need to pursue an end-of-year musical for our theater students.  
  • I see signs everywhere about Ashley's college future and hope for good news for my girl.
  • This time next week, I will be planning a trip to either Wisconsin or Florida, hoping for the former.  Could the colder weather be a sign?
  • I am excited for my niece's graffiti artwork to be a place for my students to leave their marks this year.  

I was soaked by the end of our walk, but I love the rain.  Its drops trailed down my glasses, reminding me of the many thoughts we discussed.  Now, it soothes me with its pitter-patter on the roof, encouraging me to crawl under the covers to let it sing me to sleep.  

It brings life to many things, including my thoughts.  Thanks for traveling with me today, rain.  I needed someone to talk to.

I am participating in the Two Writing Teachers March Slice of Life Challenge.


  1. I find rainy walks magical and healing, and it sure seems as if you had a wonderful one. Love this line especially, "Its drops trailed down my glasses, reminding me of the many thoughts we discussed." Rain drops help thoughts grow!

  2. Heather, I enjoyed reading your slice. Your relationship with rain is special. I like the personification running through your slice. I was also intrigued by your planning and all that you thought about pursuing. All the best with them.

  3. I love your conversation with the rain! I love sitting on the front porch, watching it fall, smelling the clean, wet air, and listening to the endless rhythm of the rain. It is a beautiful post! Great to-do list - imagining the possibilities!

  4. I really do love rain, but I like it at nighttime best! I would love to know more about how you are doing book groups. I am so glad the rain helped you to sort things out!

  5. I love walking in the rain. What a nice piece to read. So much planning going on. I often do this type of planning in the shower. What is it about water that helps us think?

  6. Personification, leading to some wonderful insights! The rain felt nourishing as I read your Slice. Good things are in the works, for sure.

  7. Absolutely beautiful post and insight, Heather. I'm encouraged you're moving forward with book clubs! Also, I'm really loving the idea about 8th graders interviewing one another. My colleague is going to have her students complete journals (like covid diaries?) about how they've changed over the last year. However, I really like the idea of interviews to get them talking to one another. Thank you for sharing!


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