Friday, May 7, 2021

Joining Spring

 For some reason, I feel like I have been hiding inside, missing out on the changing of seasons, on the emergence of spring.  

Well, Spring, here I come.  I plan to step outside each day, rain or shine, to enjoy your beauty.  

I also decided to join in on the Poetry Friday fun for the first time, too.

Birds frolic amidst
branches, causing showers of
pink flower petals.

Buzzing in the white
flower canopy above,
bees at work


  1. Heather, thank you for sharing these poems! I've just been exchanging comments with Linda Baie regarding trees in poems -- I love seeing them. I just wrote about trees with white flowers a few posts ago; I wonder if they're the same tree. Mine was a black locust (with white flowers...go figure).

  2. Welcome to Poetry Friday! It's a wonderful place to write and read and write again. A shower of pink petals--lovely!

  3. Warm welcome to Poetry Friday, Heather! I love the haiku that the 'frolicking birds' have inspired. :)

  4. Welcome to Poetry Friday! I love your poems, and the picture of the petals is particularly perfect! (apologies for the unintended string of alliteration!!)

  5. Welcome to Poetry Friday, Heather! I love every picture that people share of those glorious tree blooms. We are very late with everything this year so when I spotted crab apple blooms arriving over only one night, hurrah! The bees at last are here, too, so I love both your poems celebrating, especially "causing pink showers".

  6. Great to see you at Poetry Friday, Heather, and I love your poems and photos!

  7. I love your poems and the pictures - thanks for sharing those!

  8. Those petal showers are so beautiful, aren't they? Glad you're joining us for Poetry Friday fun!


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