Tuesday, June 29, 2021

The Days of Summer #SOL

 A new table overlooking the pool provides a shaded space for me to enjoy my summer days and rejuvenate.

Most sunny mornings, I gather my notebooks, pens, books, computer, water, and a snack and head out to the pool area.  

I write.  Sometimes I write with my Time to Write friends or on my own.  This week, I finished my thank you notes, created Summer Fun cards (inspired by Michelle Haseltine), worked in my new Passion Planner, and took notes on an educational podcast. 

I read.  I devoured Sadie by Courtney Summers the other day, and now, I have moved on to Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott.  I have a stack of books waiting for me, and I hope to finish them by the end of the summer.  I can't wait to share them with my students next year.

I learn.  Yesterday, I watched the Book Love's Authors and Education Leaders Live chat with Pernille Ripp and Penny Kittle, which was so inspiring I filled up two pages in my notebook with their words and ideas.  I read and posted in the online discussion about the Book Love summer reading books King and the Dragonflies by Kacen Callender and We Are Water Protectors by Carole Lindstrom, which are active, engaging, and transformative.  

In between the writing, reading, and learning, I dipped into the refreshing pool water to float and let my thoughts about it all swirl around in my head.  


  1. I adore Lamott's Bird by Bird - and letting your thoughts swirl like that cool pool water! Happy writing and summering :)

  2. I'm refreshed just by reading your post! Thanks for the book recommendations, too. Happy summer, Heather!


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