Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Mindfulness + Nature = No Tears #SOL21

 Earlier this week, I spent some time writing outside for a Mindful Journaling class.  I walked to the schoolyard at the end of my street, a place we visited almost daily when my children were younger.  It holds so many memories, and I felt as if I were walking through the past.  Normally, this type of writing would bring tears to my eyes, but this mindful moment allowed me to enjoy reminiscing and not think about the future.  Yet again - another discovery.  I need to be more present to enjoy the gifts of each day.  

Ghosts from the past
whisk in an out
on the breeze, 
tickling my shoulder -
gently reminding me
of days from long ago.

sledding down the hill, 
soccer games,
wall ball,
field days,
riding bikes,
walks along the nature trail,
mapping the United States,
clearing a nature's classroom,
sliding through the rainbow slide,
climbing the rock wall,
monkeying around on the bars,
literacy night,
harvest festivals,
4th-grade celebrations.

Floral Street School,
a spot in the neighborhood
that was a second home
to our family
for nearly a decade.
Now, it is haunted by 
youthful versions 
of ourselves.


  1. I love this! Thank you so much for sharing. The line "I need to be more present to enjoy the gifts of each day" resonated with me and provided me with a great reminder!

  2. I love this poem. I'm glad you didn't experience tears and remained present.

  3. I love this! Those last lines got me! I imagine I will feel that way one day about my children's elementary school. We literally live across the street. My son graduates from it this year and then 2 more years for my daughter. When they are all through the Wantagh Elementary School, it will feel so strange and will hold the ghosts of our past too.

  4. It's a joy to revisit places and be present for the memories. I like how you remembered so many specific things from your past experiences at the school. For our family, it was Oran Roberts Elementary in Houston, TX.

  5. I love this. I'm in a similar stage right now, with my kids entering high school. Maybe that's why your memories almost made me tear up! The first stanza is my favorite.


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