Thursday, March 31, 2022

They're Not Happy with Mrs. Morris #SOLC22

Thursday, 4th period, with 4 minutes left in class and still another period to go until lunch

I look up from my book to see ten sixth grade students hunched over our class novel, Number the Stars, reading and listening intently.  

I know we are not going to finish the chapter, but I don't have the heart to stop.  I decide to let the audio continue to the end of the page.  

They don't move.  

We listen until we hear,  "Mama, what is this?" 

I push pause, and the commotion begins.  

One student throws himself back on his chair and yells, "NO!"

Another student looks up at me wide-eyed and shrieks, "You left us on a cliff hanger!"

Two more shout, "Can we keep reading?"

The bell rings, and they all gather their belongings, moaning how unfair it is that we can't keep reading. 

I smile and follow them out the door.  I walk across the hall to a group of my 8th graders who are working with my co-teacher.  

They look and state, "Mrs. Morris, your 6th graders are really mad at you!"   

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  1. This is one of the best parts of reading with kids - leaving them hanging! Congrats on completing the challenge. I hope to see your around in the poetry world!


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