Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Tons of Tik Toks #SOLC22

 My co-teachers are obsessed with Tik Tok.  They send about 5-10 a day (that may be a bit conservative).  They make me laugh, nod my head, shake my head, and sometimes even shout, "YES!"   

Last week, one of the co-teachers found a Tik Tok that posed the question What is one skill you are surprised your students do not have.  

The teacher's response was, "They can charge their phones, but they can't charge their Chromebooks."  

My response was, "OMG!  That is so true."

Our state standardized testing starts next week.  Students will be using their Chromebooks, and they MUST be charged.  This is making many teachers in the building very nervous.

Unfortunately, there are usually 3-5 students in every class that come in with dead Chromebooks, even in the first period of the day, and we have been using Chromebooks on a daily basis for over a year and a half! 

Fast forward to the next morning's first period.  Three students came in and immediately came looking for chargers because their Chromebooks were dead!

We could not resist.  We showed them the Tik Tok.  They laughed and sheepishly admitted it was the truth.  

Fast forward again to the next day.  One of the students proudly walked into the room stating, "Mrs. Morris, I charged my Chromebook last night.  I remembered to plug it in at 10:00 p.m."

One out of three is better than nothing.  The other two proceeded to hook up to the wall.  


  1. This is so funny! I have to admit that the opposite has happened to me with my students. They used a TikTok to remind me that I never move my cursor out of the way when showing a video. It's niche I know. LOL.

  2. What you say is absolutely true. The number of kids who head straight for the chargers at the beginning of class after all this time is staggering! I'm going to search for that Tik Tok video. One out of three...hmmm.


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