Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Harmony in Water

I have never been a lover of exercise.  I can usually find a good excuse to not do it.  It’s too hot.  I need to cook dinner.  I’m too tired.  All reasonable reasons to avoid the sweating and pain of exerting my body.

Well, now I find that I crave it.  There is nothing more exhilarating than jumping into the pool for a 42-minute circuit of water aerobics.  Surprisingly, I now would rather do exercises in the pool than cook, nap, or watch television.  

As long as I am in the pool, I can do any of the exercises for two minutes, even jump squats.

I don’t sweat.  Instead, the water keeps me cool and refreshed.  The hotter the weather the better.  My core body temperature stays cool.

Working out in the water saves my joints from pounding and pain.  Instead, I feel wonderful exhaustion overtake my limbs and joints and maybe a bit of cramping, but I can work that out.

Since I am continuously moving to stay afloat or to the next station, I am working all parts of my body without even knowing it.  

I do love the water, and putting a need (exercise) and a want (time in the pool) together makes for an exercise experience that flies by.  42 minutes fly by as I move my body through the glistening water of the pool. 


  1. I love this! I purposefully moved to an apartment with a pool and yet I can probably count the times I have made use of it. My pool is not very deep or big, but I should find a way to make my way back to the pool. You make it sound fun and manageable!

  2. Your words bounce and bob like the moves in a pool. From your lists of the things you'd rather do to the way you replace them with a desire to be in the water and through to the pairs of words like pounding and pain, cool and refreshed, you bring such energy to this post and make me want to work out with you!

  3. It is so satisfying when we learn what works for us and that we are enjoying ourselves. Regards


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