Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Rain Decides to Visit #SOL

As with many areas of the country, it has been hot and humid but also very dry.  There has been little rain in my area, so the grass is brown, plants are wilting, and pools are low.  

Many days, the forecast says rain, but the rain has other plans.  It simply disappears from the radar.  

The other day, though, the rain came unannounced, and I pulled up a chair to watch its show.  I wish I could have seen my own face because I felt the smile of relief for the half hour it performed.  

I did take pictures of the rain because I did not know when it will decide to visit again, and I wrote a series of haiku.

A whole in the clouds

sheds light on the miracle

rain relief in drought

Tapping in delight

rain dances on the pavement

quenching earth's craving

A rushing river

unexpectedly appears,

happiness flowing


  1. I'm glad you were able to get some rain, and that you had time to enjoy it! Thank you for sharing the experience, as well as some wonderful little poems.

  2. I ran out in it, Heather. LOL! I love that it inspired your writing. Me, too! -- Christie


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