Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Worried #SOL

I read Kwame Alexander's The Crossover this summer for my school's summer reading program.  I loved his definition poems, which is where I got my inspiration from today.

As I walked into my acupuncturist's office, I noticed the beginning of a tension headache.  At first, I wondered why I would be getting one at the end of a school day, and then the word WORRY filled my head.


[wər-e] - can't figure out how to get the line above the e in this application

mental distress or agitation
resulting from concern usually
for something impending or anticipated

As in:  A storm is hurtling
toward my parent's home
along the coast of Florida, 
and I am fraught with worry.

As in:  My friend is undergoing
treatment for throat cancer

after supporting his young son
through treatment for lymphoma, 
and I can't stop the worry.

As in:  Loss of life and
loss of function plague
those I hold dear,
and I can do nothing
but worry and support
their weary hearts.


  1. Your worry shows you care. I am sure your support matters more than you know. Thinking of you!

  2. I hope naming the source of your headache helped ease it a bit. I am usually not a worrier--when I had a preemie, a wise nurse told me only to worry about what the doctor says to worry about, and that advice has helped me through a lot of medical situations. That being said, the beginning chaos of the school year had me plenty worried...I am hoping for good outcomes for the folks you mentioned.

  3. Heather, I hope all is well with your parents in the wake of Ian. We have friends in Fort Myers; their house was flooded, but is structurally okay. My heart aches for your friend and his family. Heavy burdens to carry...in reading your words, I am thinking about worry being the price of love. It so resonates in your final stanza. I know your love must resonate deeply with your loved ones as you "support their weary hearts." Your own weary heart needs support, too. Strength to you and to all who are mentioned here - thank you for these powerful lines.


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