Tuesday, November 15, 2022

in the box #SOL

 I did not know if I had a Slice of Life in me tonight.  I have felt that way for a while.  I love when a simple prompt takes you somewhere inside the heart and mind.  That happened tonight when I sat down with my writing friends at TeachWrite.  

I was reminded of our monthly challenge and daily prompts when we were sharing our writing goals for the night.  I did not have a plan, but I did wander into our Mighty Network site and read the prompt for today - in the box.  My mind immediately traveled to a box that belonged to my great grandfather that was passed on to me.  As always, I think in poetry.  It is rough, but it might be worth a revisit in the future.

In the Box

There is a box
in my basement
tucked in the corner 
of a closet, and 
it holds a treasure
that is quite misunderstood.

Inside the box
are old metal kitchen gadgets
left untouched for decades now.
Some might say
they are unnecessary
and attempt to throw them away.

But in the box
are items last touched
by a man who died too early.
He used those utensils 
to cook for those
he loved the most - his family.

And so to me
that box, created by Pa,
is a treasure trove 
of distant memories.

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