Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Under the Blankets #SOL

 I could be under the blankets watching my favorite Netflix show, but instead I am sitting on Zoom experiencing one of my favorite slices of life - time with my TeachWrite friends.  

I have been enjoying the daily prompts provided by my fellow writer-friend Leigh Anne Eck.  Today's prompt is "under the blankets."  This was perfect for this time of year because I love my fuzzy blanket sheets.   As always, I tend to think in poetry.  

Under the blankets 
is where I love to be 
warm and cozy in the grip of a story.

Caught between turning pages
and the dreams of slumber.
my eyes grow heavy.

I hang onto the words
until they start to blur
then lay the book beside me.

Peacefully, I slip into sleep
wrapped in the embrace
of my warm fuzzy blankets.

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