Tuesday, October 12, 2021

The Path Beneath My Feet #SOL21

 In preparation for a poetry class, I have been outside observing what is within 100 yards of my doorway.  It is amazing what one will see with focused attention.  On my walk yesterday, I examined the paved walkway.  I felt as if I were walking on a map of geographical features, such as deltas, craters, hummocks, and so much more.  I look forward to more discoveries over the next few weeks.  In the end, I wrote a series of haiku poems to record my observations.

A crinkled, brown leaf
crossed, startling me
out of reverie.

It beckoned me to
notice what lies underneath
my feet - paved wonders.

Cracks in the sidewalk
from the shifting earth below
wove webs of features.

Water and sun's heat
made deltas, hummocks, and
hollows, a paved map.

Rain Decides to Visit #SOL

As with many areas of the country, it has been hot and humid but also very dry.  There has been little rain in my area, so the grass is brow...