Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Thank You Slice of Life Writers #SOL21

Sometimes something ordinary

Looks quite different as words on a page.

I have flexed my writing muscles,

Creating stories from my

Everyday life as a teacher and mom.

Offering these snippets from my life

Feels liberating now.

Lucky me to have found so much

Inspiration from other slice writers who also 

Furnished supportive comments, which

Encouraged me to keep writing and sharing.

Thank you Two Writing Teachers for this wonderful platform to share our stories as part of the March Slice of Life Challenge.

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Not Sure About Napping #SOL21

Napping comes highly recommended by my husband, my friends, and my colleagues.  

I came home today and found everyone out for a walk, so I decided to take advantage of the quiet and empty house and give it a whirl.  I had hoped it would refresh me and/or provide me with some ideas for writing. 

Forty minutes later, I woke up to the door closing.  Eventually, I reluctantly pulled myself out of bed, for I was warm, still foggy, and happy where I was beneath the covers.

Unfortunately, no ideas had emerged from my nap, and I was still sleepy.

The sun was still shining and it was fairly warm, so I ventured outside, hoping the fresh air would pick me up and get my brain working.  I was observing my surroundings and looking for something to spark an idea.

Instead, all I could think about was what I would do if it were not a school night - all of which involved more relaxing, not correcting or planning.

So, if it were not a school night, I would:

  • sit outside by a fire with a glass of wine
  • binge-watch this season of Grey's Anatomy
  • hunker down under a blanket and read, but probably fall back asleep
  • work on a puzzle
I know.  I could do these things on a school night, but I was hoping the nap would give me the energy to:
  • go on a walk
  • correct for an hour
  • plan for tutoring
  • clean the kitchen
  • fold the laundry
I am not sure about this napping thing.  While it gave me an idea for a slice, all I want to do now is crawl back into bed.  That is what I call sleeping.

I am participating in the Two Writing Teachers March Slice of Life Challenge.


Monday, March 29, 2021

Dismantling Did Not Happen #SOL21

 Getting ready for a show is stressful.  There are several pieces that come together at the end during a normal year - blocking, props, costumes, set, lights, sound, and cast party.  A pandemic show added sanitizing, distancing, filming, serving, and emotions of a different kind.  

No one really knew what to expect on this "show" day.  

It was a day I will never forget, mostly because of the joy and pride that gleamed on every single face throughout the day.  The camaraderie was unlike any other year, and I know we will all miss our time together after school.  

Today, it was a quiet remote Monday after the "show."  My plan was to dismantle the stage and put things away.  

I walked into the dark, empty auditorium and stopped.  It was silent.  There were no joyful voices.  There were no bodies to remind to stay apart.  I was alone.

I turned on the lights and stepped onto the stage; our enchanted bookshop was in a bit of a disarray.  

I managed to pack up two boxes of books.  I placed them on a cart, closed the prop room door, turned off the work lights, and left.

Apparently, I was not ready to dismantle the world we had all worked so hard to create.  

I am participating in the Two Writing Teachers March Slice of Life Challenge.

Sunday, March 28, 2021

Walking with the Rain #SOL21

 I went walking with the rain today.  We had a wonderful conversation.  I think it enjoyed our time, too, because it kept coming down harder and steadier.  I almost turned to go home, but I enjoyed the banter.  The rain listened and helped me decide a few things and let me process other thoughts.

  • I am going forward with book groups with my 7th-graders.  
  • I am going to have my 8th-graders interview each other about this last year and document each other's thoughts.
  • I am going to try a Genius Hour!
  • We need to pursue an end-of-year musical for our theater students.  
  • I see signs everywhere about Ashley's college future and hope for good news for my girl.
  • This time next week, I will be planning a trip to either Wisconsin or Florida, hoping for the former.  Could the colder weather be a sign?
  • I am excited for my niece's graffiti artwork to be a place for my students to leave their marks this year.  

I was soaked by the end of our walk, but I love the rain.  Its drops trailed down my glasses, reminding me of the many thoughts we discussed.  Now, it soothes me with its pitter-patter on the roof, encouraging me to crawl under the covers to let it sing me to sleep.  

It brings life to many things, including my thoughts.  Thanks for traveling with me today, rain.  I needed someone to talk to.

I am participating in the Two Writing Teachers March Slice of Life Challenge.

Saturday, March 27, 2021

Proud Director #SOL21

Today, we filmed our school's play The Enchanted Bookshop.  I waited until the end of the day because I knew I would want to write about it.  There is just one word that encapsulates the day - PROUD.  I decided to use it to write an acrostic poem.  I think I might have the principal read it over the announcements on Tuesday.

Performing during a pandemic

Rising above all obstacles 

Our student thespians outdid themselves

Undeniably, the proudest moment as a director, watching them

Doing what they love!

I am participating in the Two Writing Teachers March Slice of Life Challenge.


Friday, March 26, 2021

Reflection of the Week #SOL21

 Every Friday, I reflect on my week using this format.  It is a great way to wrap up the work week and get ready for the weekend and beyond.  

I am participating in the Two Writing Teachers March Slice of Life Challenge.

Thursday, March 25, 2021

Thurs-slay #SOL21

The weeks are long and exhausting.  I don't know why I think they should be getting easier, but I do.  Today, I was dragging, and then everything changed.  I got this from a friend (and a little something else), and it was just what I needed to change my perspective. 

I like this word!  It made me think of all the things that happened today that will help me finish this week strong.

  • Words from a dear friend:  "I just wanted to share that I just took time to catch up on your blog.  I laughed, I cried, and most of all I wanted to give you a hug.  You are amazing!"  Okay, this might have brought a few tears, but they were happy ones.  
  • Words from a student:  " Mrs. Morris, I see how all of this is coming together.  It makes things easier."  Yes!  Planning does help us to write and create.
  • Words from my partner in crime/teaching:  "We've got this!"
  • Words from another student:  " I could see it coming."  Exactly, that is foreshadowing!
  • Words from another student:  "Mrs. Morris, look at this!  I found another example of foreshadowing!"  It was one I had never seen before in this animated short.
  • A student worked on his open response past the bell.
  • A non-reader finished American Born Chinese in two days.  It just takes one book to reel them in.
  • A student nailed the theme of a Dickinson poem.
Thank you, dear friend.  I hope you come back to read this.  I am going to continue to slay this Thursday by getting a pedicure with my daughter, Ashley.

I am participating in the Two Writing Teachers March Slice of Life Challenge.

Thank You Slice of Life Writers #SOL21

S ometimes something ordinary L ooks quite different as words on a page. I have flexed my writing muscles, C reating stories from my E veryd...