Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Goodbye, Sticky Notes #SOL2021

 I am the Sticky Note Queen!  They are everywhere - in my planner, on my computer, in my books, on my table, on my desk,  and in my binders.  Scribbled notes, reminders, lists, and plans clutter any space around me.  

When they get out of control, I sift through them, discard the ones I no longer need and organize the somewhat sticky papers I must keep.  Then, the tape comes out to restick them to where I think I will be able to find them.  Unfortunately, they tend to wander off, or I forget where I put them.  

This sticky system is failing me!

I decided to try something new.  Something I hope will break my obsession with the colorful little pieces of paper floating around me.

I purchased a bullet journal complete with markers, stencils, stickers, and washi tape.  I spent an evening searching Pinterest and the internet for ideas and started making a list of what I wanted to track in my journal, such as books, my OLW, habits, weight loss, etc.  Of course, I made my notes on a sticky note!

I enjoy the time I spend in my bullet journal.  I love the visual nature of tracking and listing, but it has not yet replaced the writing on sticky notes.  It seems as though one obsession has led to another, and they have not yet merged with each other.  

What to do?  What to do?  

Start with the sticky notes and let them guide the lists in the journal! Then, they can go in the trash!

As I chose my OLW for this month, I never imagined that I would commit to parting ways with sticky notes.  Goodbye, crumpled, messy sheets of paper.

I am participating in Two Writing Teachers' Slice of Life Weekly Challenge.


  1. I haven't quite figured out how to keep track of ideas I have that aren't ready to be put in my notebook. So, I can see how sticky notes would be great for this purpose.

  2. It has taken me about 3 years to become accustomed to writing in my one bullet journal. I’ve been watching YouTube videos searching for the guide that was not too frilly but with great suggestions...

  3. I cannot commit to getting rid of sticky notes. Like you I move them, use them, even cull them, but not use them... No way! Good luck to you.

  4. Oh man. I love bullet journalling ... but one of my favorite things to do is use sticky notes in the journal. LOL. I admire your sticky note goodbye!


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