Monday, March 29, 2021

Dismantling Did Not Happen #SOL21

 Getting ready for a show is stressful.  There are several pieces that come together at the end during a normal year - blocking, props, costumes, set, lights, sound, and cast party.  A pandemic show added sanitizing, distancing, filming, serving, and emotions of a different kind.  

No one really knew what to expect on this "show" day.  

It was a day I will never forget, mostly because of the joy and pride that gleamed on every single face throughout the day.  The camaraderie was unlike any other year, and I know we will all miss our time together after school.  

Today, it was a quiet remote Monday after the "show."  My plan was to dismantle the stage and put things away.  

I walked into the dark, empty auditorium and stopped.  It was silent.  There were no joyful voices.  There were no bodies to remind to stay apart.  I was alone.

I turned on the lights and stepped onto the stage; our enchanted bookshop was in a bit of a disarray.  

I managed to pack up two boxes of books.  I placed them on a cart, closed the prop room door, turned off the work lights, and left.

Apparently, I was not ready to dismantle the world we had all worked so hard to create.  

I am participating in the Two Writing Teachers March Slice of Life Challenge.


  1. My daughter is an actor and hasn't acted on stage in exactly one year. This was painful to read. But the memories...those will always carry us through. Here's to celebrating the show that was!

  2. Oh so hard to break a set down and to do it alone I think would be even harder. Maybe find a few good souls who will work with you safely to dismantle the set. Glad the show worked well!

  3. "Apparently, I was not ready to dismantle the world we had all worked so hard to create." This line is a testament to just how much you invest in these productions--not just the list of to-dos, but your heart as well. I think the set can wait while you make peace with this bittersweet ending.

  4. Kudos to you for recognizing your own needs in the midst of the aftermath of this big show - it was not time for you to take it all down. I can only imagine how hard the work was this year, in the midst of the pandemic. Bravo!

  5. The passion for your job is shared clearly here.


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