Sunday, March 7, 2021

Home Alone #SOL21

Scott and Ashley are in South Carolina touring universities, but I was not able to accompany them due to my school district’s travel restrictions.  So, what does one do when home alone?  

  1. Watch Gilmore Girls.  The only problem was I happened to be at the episodes when Rory goes off to college, so a few tears were shed.  

  2. Correct student work.  As much as my body is resisting this task, my mind reminds me how good it feels to be caught up on this work.  

  3. Clean the kitchen.  A tidy space makes me feel better.  Unfortunately, it became cluttered with all of my work and journals within an hour.

  4. Write and work in my notebooks.  Writing always makes me feel better.  

  5. Puzzle breaks.  I love puzzles.  They draw me away from my work.  I stayed downstairs so I could take breaks to work on my puzzle and watch Gilmore Girls.

  6. Meal preparation.  Since I am going to watch Cam’s flying lesson, I decided to cook some dinners for him.  It felt good to be doing something for my son.

  7. Walk with a friend.  Although it was cold, I was happy to spend some time outside with my friend.  

So, in a nutshell, I tried to stick to my routines and tasks so I would be productive.  This kept me from dwelling on the fact that I am not touring Ashley’s potential home for the next four years.  

I am excited to be participating in the Two Writing Teachers March Slice of Life Challenge.


  1. Hi Heather. I almost wrote about being home alone yesterday for two hours. It sounds like you had a productive and relaxing day. Writing is always a good option, but seems to compete with necessary tasks. It does feel good to get some of those tasks completed though. Enjoy your Sunday!

  2. It sounds as if you found many joyous activities, despite your loss. I hope you get to hear endless details about her college trip! I know I never feel 'right' until I have actually SEEN where my kids are living - so hopefully your work permits you to do this in the fall. Keep writing - as you know, "Writing always makes me feel better."

  3. You had a productive home alone time--and ended up with a Slice, to boot! We may think these are mundane memories now, but in years to come when questions arise about college visits and travel restrictions due to this historic event, you'll have stories at the ready to share.

  4. Although it may feel odd at first it is always nice to have a bit of time alone to just do as you feel. It will be fun for you daughter to tell you all about her explorations.


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