Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Discovering Hope in a Journal #SOL21

 My green notebook was hiding for four months in a cabinet.  I went out of my mind trying to find it, wondering how I ever lost it as my journals are never far away from me.  

But here it is  -  waiting for me to fill it with words.  

Smiling, I read my last entry about being displaced from my writing space because my son was home.  There is history within these pages filled with memories and bits of my heart.  

I looked forward at the blank pages, excited to begin writing, and then it hit me.  This journal, half-filled but half empty, is a metaphor for my life at this moment.

I have so many moments written, photographed, and burned within the pages of my mind and heart, and I will carry them with me forever.

More importantly, though, there is a future just waiting to be written.  I am excited about the words, sentences, poetry, blogs, or stories that will fill this journal.  This thought caused me to pause and realize that I have a future to look forward to, days, months, and years to fill in ways that fulfill ME.  

For the first time in a long while, the future does not scare me or cause me to tear up.  Now, I can look forward with hope and wonder.  What will I do to fill up these pages?  


  1. I needed your words today. I am not quite where you are in terms of my hope. However, your words help me. And I love the metaphor of a half-filled notebook! Thanks for speaking and sharing what I needed today.

  2. Thanks for sharing your hopeful outlook with us. Such an important skill to hone. "Bits of my heart" was my favorite bit. 💙

  3. I also needed your positive take- I am feeling more unsettled than ever right now, so it does help me to know others are already feeling more hopeful. I am almost finished this notebook and there is something special about a notebook in waiting!

  4. The song "Unwritten" by Natasha Bedingfield comes to mind, reading your post. This journal is a touchstone for you, and I think we're all glad you found it! Thanks for the hopeful post today.


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