Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Love, Laughter, Lights #SOL20

The kids are older, and we can’t gather with our friends and family this year.  Baking cookies with friends - not.  Cookie swap - nope. A trip to Florida to see mom and dad for Christmas - not this year.  New Year’s Eve party - nada.  I had to put my creativity cap on to come up with some new potential traditions.

I pitched the idea to go to Lancaster Lights, and much to my surprise, everyone said yes.  My son even came home from college to go with us.  On Saturday, we loaded into the Pilot, put Christmas songs on the radio, and hit the road.

We talked of Christmas memories and our favorite holiday dishes, songs, and movies.  It was a pleasant trip down memory lane to Edaville Railroad, watching Elf, grammy’s scalloped potatoes, cookie baking, The Polar Express, and leaving carrots for Rudolph.  The car was full of laughter and warmth, all before seeing the lights.

The lights were magical.  Like children, we called out what we saw, our favorites, and the ones that surprised us.  The poop emoji was the one that had us scratching our heads.  Cam loved the plane, and I wanted to take the penguins and igloo home with me to put in my yard.  The light tunnel made us, “Ooohh and Aaahhh.”  

There is something about lights that lift the spirit and bring wonder.  While they will be different, may the holidays of 2020 remind of us its magic and help us to forge new traditions to bring forward into the future.


  1. This year is definitely forcing us to be creative. Inspired by your post, I think I'm going to go for a little drive now to see some brightness in the dark. Thank you.

  2. You mentioned Lancaster Lights. I live in Lancaster (Pennsylvania). Is this where you are too?

    1. I keep hearing about these lights. Will have to venture out to find them! Yet another example of a simple pleasure taking on new meaning and significance this year. Hopefully one that will last into the future. Cheers! -- Christie @ https://wonderingandwondering.wordpress.com/

  3. Heather, this family trip sounds wonderful! Every year I underestimate the power of going to see lights. We went with my 16 month old who had a BLAST, and we found some neat set-ups in neighborhood cul-de-sacs where we had the opportunity to jump out of the car and take fun pictures.

    Happy holidays :)

  4. Heather, so many things are different this year. I'm glad you and your family found a way to celebrate, making new memories as you reminisced of memories past. I am so happy to be writing with you in TTW. Thank you for all that you share.


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