Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Raindrops Clearing My Head #SOL21

The empty, bare classroom stared at me in disbelief.  This pandemic year had finally ended, and we both did not know what to do next.  I turned out the lights and walked out of the oppressive heat of the classroom.

As I drove home my brain was already reeling as it did not know what to think.  There was no need to plan lessons for next week.  There were no meetings to attend.  The grading deadline had passed; there were no assignments waiting for review.  

This transition is always interesting.  I am exhausted, but I can’t sleep.  I wander around aimlessly looking for something that must be done now or by a certain date, which is in contrast to the last month when I had so many other things to do that took me away from my pressing work.  The dreaded routine of work is now what I crave.  

I thought I would want to celebrate with a glass of wine.  I thought I would jump right into cleaning and organizing the house I have neglected for too long.  

Instead, I napped and read as I had no energy for much else.  I found refuge in someone else’s story.  

Finally, the rain started to fall, and I felt the switch in the air.  They beckoned me outside.  Putting my head back to look at the sky, I walked into the light drizzle.   Within minutes, the drops came down at a steadier, more persistent pace.  I stayed in the rain until my daughter returned home excited to talk about her college schedule.  

When I re-entered the house, I felt rejuvenated and ready to move on.  


  1. I related so much to this- the oppressive heat of my own classroom wiping me out today- the rain that falls this evening. My last day is Friday and I already feel at loose ends at home with nothing to work on. All my work right now is cleaning up the classroom and preparing it for its shutdown and spending the last 3 days with my students. I'm so tired but feel restless too. I hope your summer is restorative and joyful.

  2. That in between feeling is so strange, isn't it. You captured the exhaustion/restlessness/out of sorts feeling that is always that transition time- mine takes awhile to clear, but that rain seemed to be just what you needed! Enjoy!

  3. I love this Slice. Enjoy your summer and your family. You will find routine in something soon enough.

  4. The rain makes me think of a good cry at the end of a tough year! I hope you get through the transition weeks and ease into a restful summer.

  5. You describe the in-between school and summer mind so well. I hope your summer provides you with plenty of long-needed rest and soul-filling activities.

  6. This is as beautifully written and evocative as it is true. In a "normal" year, the transition is difficult, but there is so much more to shake off and re-acclimate. The rain washing it all away was so poignant. Loved this.


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