Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Hide and Seek #SOL

 I have been working hard to stay organized and reduce clutter in my classroom, but I like to keep a few things around me that make me smile and remind me of a prior student or event.  I have a hedgehog that was crocheted for me by a student and a lionmouse for The Mouse that Roared, one of the first plays I directed over a decade ago, crocheted for me by the costumer.  They sit next to my computer keeping watch over the students.  

Today, I was cleaning up a station and turned around to find a lone hedgehog.  The lionmouse was missing!  My heart sank.  I looked under the papers on my table, in the drawers, on my desk, and on the floor.  It was gone.  

A few periods passed, and I continued to look around the classroom as the kids came and went.  I could not believe that someone would take something so sentimental.  

My friends came in for lunch, and I immediately shared my loss.  

Next thing I knew, my friend busted up laughing and said, "I wondered when you would notice.  I have moved him around a few times."  She pointed to the top of my television screen and declared, "There he is!"  

And there he was camouflaged on top of the television.  I don't think I ever would have found him on my own.  

Now, I have a new goal.  Revenge!  Any suggestions?


  1. Oh my goodness! My heart sank when I read it was missing. So glad you were merely being pranked. As for revenge, perhaps a realistic-looking cat toy mouse in a school bag? (wink)

  2. I love that fun is returning in full strength to our world.

  3. This is too funny! My mom and I sent a horrible rabbit magnet back and forth to each other for years just because it was silly. It's nice to have some levity in your day, isn't it?


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